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In the Innovation economy, it is more challenging than ever to start a fund that succeeds. Join our venture competence programs to professionalize your venture investing skills and accelerate your venture development process

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Venture your way in our expert Venture Community and get up to date on industry best practices and venture technical insights

the innovation economy represents a compelling investment opportunity

The current economy is transitioning into the future economy, driven by the innovation economy. In that sense, venture innovation stands as a powerful investment opportunity and represents a compelling asset class, promising high returns and groundbreaking opportunities.

INNOVATION INVOLVES RISKS and requires expertise

Innovation by definition is inherently risky. Staying up to date on investment practices and constructing a high-quality, diversified venture portfolio are some of the main venture challenges, even for the most seasoned investors. Venture investing requires a process, expertise, and a community around you.

THE RISK TAKERS become venture experts

We believe that true innovation is driven by individuals and organizations who take risks and embrace uncertainty to build world-changing businesses and back the most promising teams. In Venture Challenge we are dedicated to empowering risk-takers in the venture world and providing them with the process, knowledge, resources, and ecosystem support they need to succeed.

your path to venture expertise

Our activities and offerings are firmly grounded in four key pillars: process, knowledge, resources and community. Each designed to empower you on your journey to becoming a successful venture expert in the innovation economy


We provide structured programs and guidance, walking investors and startups through the venture investing process step by step. Our aim is to demystify the complexities and ensure ecosystem actors have a clear roadmap to develop a winning investment strategy


We equip investors and startups with the latest industry insights, best practices and expert knowledge. Our venture knowledge modules and dedicated venture expertise guidance are designed to keep participants and members well-informed and ahead of the curve.


We provide participants with an extensive library of guidelines, tools, templates and assets assets essential for venture endeavors. Our goal is to increase transparency in the venture industry, elevate industry best practices and make venture practices accessible to many more


Venture is a people business, that is why we believe in the importance of being part of a community of like-minded individuals that can inspire and learn from each other. We support participants and members venture themselves in the growing venture community

Customer testimonials

"VC Challenge has been a great hands-on program! The speakers have been holding a very high standard and shared their experiences extremely generously."

Hanna Moisander

Maya Impact

"This is a new world for me. A world that I knew of, but didn't quite understand. Now I'm at least starting to get a grip on what's going on, and I hope we'll be able to help some of our most promising customers with funding in the future."

Tove Sivertsen


"VC Challenge gave us a kickstart in setting up our fund."

Tarja Zudemberg

Star Impact

"In depth conversations and insights from some of the most experienced VCs in the game. Super practical! Highly recommend for anyone that wants to understand the in and out of a VC fund."

Salóme Guðmundsdóttir

Eyrir Ventures

"We participated in the 2022 cohort and gained both knowledge and network. VC Challegene team was great in making a program relevant for aspiring GPs at different stages, and we want to show appreciation of their interest in how we are doing even after the course ended."

Andreas Rasmussen

Ugly Duckling Ventures

"Inspiring set-up and equally inspiring talks, just great!"

Malin Lundberg Mueller

Sue Ellen Investments

"The VC Challenge is a great starting point for any Nordic emerging manager, and will probbly grow into a strong network of the next generation VC managers from the Nordics."

Ted Elvhage


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