Investor perspectives in Nordic Health Tech: Report Launch

Oct 12, 2023 1:00 PM

About the event

Health Tech in the Nordics 

Health tech refers to the application of technology and innovation to Human Health. With a focus on improving healthcare services, enhancing patient outcomes, streamlining medical processes, and advancing on medical research. 

Health Tech is a sector that involves three main sub sectors: 

  • Digital Health. Focused on the use of digital technologies, information, and communication systems into healthcare to improve the delivery and management of healthcare services.
  • Med Tech. Focused on developing medical devices, equipment, and technologies used for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of medical conditions.
  • Bio Tech. Focused on applying biological knowledge and processes to develop products and technologies for healthcare, agriculture, and industry. 

Healthtech is one of the fastest growing verticals in the Nordics and has attracted over 1.5 BEUR in investments so far this 2023, according to Nordic9. But is this enough capital to develop one of the most important sectors in the Nordics for the decades to come? 

Nordic Innovation has commissioned VC Challenge, the research and development of a report to gather investor insights and perspectives on the topic of Nordic Health Tech to understand the investment gaps and opportunities and identify possible action points for a Nordic collaboration on this topic. 

Join us in the webinar to learn about the

  • Report Key Findings: We'll take you on a guided tour through the report, highlighting the most critical insights and trends observed from investors investing in  Nordic Health Tech companies. 
  • Barriers and Opportunities in Nordic Health Tech: Understand where investors see potential and the barriers they encounter when considering investments in Health-Tech startups in the Nordics.
  • Key Recommendations for Nordic Health Tech companies: Explore strategies for Nordic Health-Tech companies to become more attractive to investors, fostering collaboration and growth.


Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome to the webinar and introduction toNordic Innovation and the purpose of the report.

Nordic Health Tech Investment Landscape and Report Highlights

  • Insights from the 2023 report on Health Tech investments in the Nordic region.

Investor Insights Panel

  • A panel discussion featuring investors sharing their experiences, insights, challenges, and opportunities in the Health-Tech sector in the Nordics.

Q&A Session and Closing Remarks


Rasmus Malmborg

Alex Felman


Virginia E. Vegas

Managing Director